To UX or SEO, That is the Question

By on Sep 21, 2017 in seo, ux |

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I’ve been talking to a few friends about SEO recently, and I’ve been getting a little bit worried that we’re starting to use too many tricks in SEO. I know Google’s Panda update, which was part of their algorithm, is designed to strip away a lot of SEO techniques, and to really focus on quality content.

I think that’s absolutely the right thing for you to be thinking about in terms of your own website. I think we’ve got to stop thinking about SEO and start thinking about people optimization, sort of a person user experience optimization would be a much better way of thinking about SEO.

So, really, if you want to rank higher with Google, then rank higher with people, and the way to do that is, as well all know, is going to be with good quality content,  and with really interesting fresh content. Think about what is a site that you would want to visit, and then, make your site one of those, because that’s the best way to optimize it.